The Athletic Performance Coaching

I support you in optimizing your physical performance, overcoming performance plateaus and achieving an athletic body


You will have more clarity on how to reach your physical goals directly.


You will receive a training strategy and diet recommendations that are individually tailored to you and that you can easily implement.


You will have an understanding of the mindset you need to develop in order to be successful in the long term.

This is the Athletic Performance Coaching

The most common reasons why most athletes don’t make progress are poor training planning and poor nutrition. That’s exactly where I support you.

In the first step of targeted and individual planning, we optimize your stress level, your sleep quality, your energy level and your bowel/liver function with the right nutrition & supplement strategy.

In combination with the right training, you are able to improve your strength, condition, coordination and mobility, increase your muscles and at the same time reduce your body fat percentage. This increases your physical & mental performance!

We focus on functional hypertrophy and conditioning. With an efficient training program, you will make constant progress and achieve your goals.

For optimal implementation, you also get my „Meal Prep“ book worth €9.95 as a bonus. So you have delicious, quick & easy recipes at your disposal, with which you can implement your nutritional requirements more easily.

Depending on your goals, you can expect to lose around 1% body fat per month, build up 500 to 1,000g of lean mass, and gain 5-10kg of strength!

Individual training program

Depending on your goal, you will train about 3-4 days a week
The training session lasts a maximum of 45-60 minutes
If you have an additional goal of optimizing your condition, you will receive additional workouts for this
Tailored to your current performance and requirements
You need at least a power rack, barbell and weights

Nutrition recommendations for your goals

Customized nutritional goals to make it easier for you to reach your goals
You spend a maximum of 20 minutes a day in the kitchen
Omnivore and vegetarian requirements (NOT VEGAN)
If you have intolerances or allergies, that’s no problem

Meal Prep Guide for easy implementation

65 delicious, quick & easy recipes
You spend a maximum of 20 minutes a day in the kitchen Omnivore and vegetarian recipes

Detailed exercise videos

  • Get access to the exercise library where you will learn optimal form

Monthly Check-ins

1x 30-minute live Zoom call per month worth €100 each
There we talk about your progress and adjust your plans to make constant progress

Daily Support

Daily support
You can ask me your questions at any time

Some results from my clients

Look at what others have achieved during & with the coaching

Daniel’s goal was that he wanted to get rid of his annoying and stubborn belly fat and he definitely did a great job.

After just 12 weeks he has lost over 12 kilos of body fat and gained 2 kilos of muscle. In addition, his health and fitness has increased enormously and he feels fitter than ever before!

Daniel  says: „Thanks to the coaching I realized how easy it can be to get my body in shape“


Problem: Severely overweight at a young age, too much training, poor regeneration, no solid nutritional structure

Goal: Lose 20kg, build 10kg of muscle, get fitter, integrate optimal nutrition into everyday life

Solution: Customized training and nutrition program, strength training 3 times a week

What Paul has achieved is the best transformation I have ever seen. In just 16 weeks, he went from 250 to 185 pounds while losing nearly 60 pounds of fat. He was able to increase his strength and his fitness a lot!


Problem: No suitable diet, little energy in everyday life and for training, and no fixed training routine

Goal: Get fit for a special & hard recruitment test, reduce body fat by 8-10kg and build 2kg of muscle.

Solution: Adjusted diet for Bodyrecomp, training 3x per week for maximum functional hypertrophy, as well as condition

About Yannick

Yannick’s Expertise & Experience

In my work as a coach, I work with all people who have ambitious goals and want to maximize their performance.

It doesn’t matter whether you just want to get better for yourself or for a specific sport. In general, every athlete will benefit from an individual training and nutrition plan.

Since the beginning of my work, I have been able to look after people and athletes with a wide variety of goals and backgrounds. In these disciplines/sports, among others…

  • Athletics
  • marathon
  • Triathlon
  • Kickboxing
  • MMA
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Special Forces Preparation

How to start the coaching

At the bottom of the page you’ll find the Payment link. As soon as you have paid, you will be given access to the members area.

There you will find a detailed questionnaire and your first training block. Because the first block is an important assessment block for me, in which I determine how up-to-date your muscular balance & biomechanics, your work capacity and your neuromuscular development is.

In the members area you will also find training videos & a guide for nutrition and supplements, as well as other useful content.

A commitment of 6 months is required for Athletic Performance Coaching. After these 6 months, the coaching is extended by one month. You can of course cancel at any time after the 6 months if you do not wish to continue working with us.

You remain flexible and have no further obligations after the 6 months.


All information about coaching is summarized here once again, so that no question remains and you know exactly what to expect

Who is the coaching for?

You are a man and interested in increasing your maximum strength, muscle mass & fitness and of course improving your appearance at the same time.

What equipment do you need?
  • Powerrack
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Bar and weights
  • Dumbbells
  • Adjustable Bench
  • cable pull
Is the coaching also suitable for beginners?

Yes, I’ll pick you up where you are right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been training for 10 years.

How is the coaching process?

At the bottom of the page you’ll find the Payment link. As soon as you have paid, you will be given access to the members area. There you will find a detailed questionnaire and your first training block. Because the first block is an important assessment block for me, in which I determine how up-to-date your muscular balance & biomechanics, your work capacity and your neuromuscular development is.

How does the support during the coaching look like?

After this first block (first 4 weeks) I create all further blocks individually for you.

Once you get your program & plans, you can get started right away. I am then available to answer your questions at any time by email (Monday – Friday). In addition, there is a weekly & monthly check-in, where we can also clarify your questions.

How long does the coaching last?

Your commitment for the first phase of the coaching is 6 months so that I can best support you there.

Why 6 months?

No one is like the other. That’s why we both have to get to know each other over the weeks and find out what works best for you.

After that, you can cancel at any time on a monthly basis if you no longer need further coaching. One click is all it takes. So there is no obligation for you.

How is the execution of the exercise coached?

You send me videos of your training in which you perform an exercise.

I give you feedback on each video to optimize your exercise execution. So I can coach you individually step by step and based on your biomechanics.

Is there a video for each exercise?

Yes. There is an extensive exercise library in the members area where you can find all the exercises that are included in your plan.

I am currently injured, can I still take part in the coaching?

no I only accept clients who are injury free and not on medication.

These are the only exclusion criteria for coaching.

What does the diet look like during the coaching?

Diet plays a very big role when it comes to progress.

This is exactly why you will receive nutritional recommendations from me that are tailored to your goals and that you can flexibly integrate into your everyday life.

I’m lactose intolerant, is that still okay?

Yes, because the nutritional recommendations are such from the outset that the most common intolerances are excluded.

My recommendations are gluten and lactose free in 99% of the cases.

I eat vegetarian

No problem. We can also adjust the nutritional recommendations accordingly.

Only I do NOT offer vegan recommendations. All other forms of nutrition are still feasible.

How does the diet look like?

Normally, you will eat 3 main meals that provide you with the right amount of nutrients.

You will also receive recommendations from me regarding peri- and post-workout nutrition.

Do you also recommend supplements?

Yes, I do, but you don’t have to be afraid that you now have to swallow 20 pills a day.

In the recommendations we focus on the basics.

Are there recipes?

Yes, you will get over 65 recipes from me with which you can implement the nutritional recommendations.

These are designed to be quick, easy, and can be pre-cooked for days, so you always have the right food with you.

In which language is the coaching?

The coaching, as well as all videos, guides and programs are available in English & German.

How much does the coaching cost?

Now let’s get to your investment. You can find them further down the page…

Your Investment

So how much is the investment for the coaching program?

A better question is what is it worth?

You could always hire me as your personal trainer if you lived near me. You would pay €100 per training session, which is €300 per week for 3 sessions and €1,200 per month or €7,200 for the 180 days.

Most people spend €50 to €80 per month on pointless dietary supplements alone, and all that is shrinking is your wallet.

You could also do any standardized fitness program for €100-€300, but the results mostly only last 1-2 months because you just don’t learn any long-term strategies there.

To start and secure your place in the program, you don’t have to pay €3,600.

The investment for the 6 months is €1.200 and if you want to continue working with me afterwards €200 per month.

You can cancel at any time after 6 months.

Are you ready?

Before you start, please double check these points:

  1. You can train 3-4 times a week for 45-60 minutes
  2. You have access to at least one barbell, power rack and pull-up bar or gym
  3. You have 20 minutes a day to implement the nutritional requirements (preparing or preparing food)
  4. You are not currently injured or taking medication
  5. You are willing and able to invest €1.200 for the 6 month commitment
  6. You are ready to implement your goals and open to constant improvement
  7. You’re a man (sorry ladies)
  8. You are speaking german or english
If all of these points apply to you, then you can click on the button and apply for the coaching: